LSQ Monthly News Flash: November 2019

Dear readers! The first Monday of the month means an LSQ News Flash, so feast your eyes on the important data computed for your intake below!

  • We will close to subs on November 15. Get our guidelines here.
  • Speaking of amazing stories, our Issue 039 is still out and still wonderful. Read the thirteen stories it holds online today or grab yourself a gorgeous paper copy.
  • Speaking of issues, our Issue 040 comes out Monday, December 2. We’re super excited in general, but extra super excited because this is our second ever themed issue! And the theme is. . . . Potions and Poisons! Mark your calendars!
  • Speaking of being excited, LSQ runs because of the support of our Patrons. Simple as that. We are an all-volunteer organization and have been chugging along successfully for ten years and that makes us happy and proud. As such, we’re hosting a Patreon push currently as we’re really really close to reaching our next level which includes increasing our author payments (you knew we pay our authors, right?!). Patrons receive our issues in digital plus access to back issues and other cool stuff. Come join us and support women-identified authors and their work!