LSQ Monthly News Flash: November 2021

November is an intense month for writers, but don’t worry, LSQ has got you covered!

  • November is National Novel Writing Month! Our bloggers have tackled this topic often, so if you’re taking the plunge this year and need some tips, tricks, or just moral support, check out our NaNoWriMo content!
  • Before you get totally swept up in your novel writing, don’t forget about your short stories! Our submissions close on November 15th.
  • If you need a break from writing, Issue 047 is here to keep you company! Packed with 19 speculative tales, it’s sure to inspire and entertain.
  • Issue 048 is fast-approaching, and the cover art has already been revealed on our Patreon! Consider joining for a sneak peek and to help keep LSQ going.
  • Another way to support us, and treat yourself as well, is checking out our Best of LSQ: The First Five Years anthology. How can anyone resist 50 speculative stories packaged so nicely with such a beautiful cover?