LSQ News Flash! April 2018

Dear readers! Here’s everything LSQ-related that you need to know for the month of April. Looking for March news? Go here. May news? Hold onto your horses, you ambitious monkeys. One month at a time. Sheesh.

For the month of April, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Issue 033 is out and ready for your reading eyes! Check out the amazing speculative fiction stories that lie within here.
  2. Want to submit a story to LSQ? Our subs are currently open until May 15.
  3. Our next Quarterly–Issue 034–will be out June 1.
  4. Don’t forget . . . we have new blog content Monday through Friday (and a cool little wrap-up on Saturday morning).
  5. Like our stuff? Like us? We do have a Patreon page for anyone interested in supporting our volunteer-run publication.
  6. April author birthdays! Get your party hats on and order some balloons because Nnedi Okorafor celebrates her birthday on April 8 and Naomi Novik‘s birthday is on April 30. We expect to see invites in our inbox.
  7. Cons: let’s hear it for the little ones–the Small Press & Alternative Comic Con (S.P.A.C.E.) is being held April 28-29 in Columbus, Ohio. If you’re attending, let us know! Then for the big guns–The Big Apple Comic Con in New York (duh) is April 14-15.