LSQ’s Holiday Wish List

Tis the season, dear readers, tis the season. Here’s a sample of a few things the LSQ staff has on their wish lists for the holidays.

Moon lamp!!!

Editor Sarah McGill thinks this Moon Lamp would do just fine, plus yelling “Lamps from Spaaaaaaaaaaace” is really fun. (Try it.)

Editor Shana Ross wants some Latest Kate stickers because hello, Lisa Frank-style positivity dragons. Another must-have is the She-Ra hoodie. (No explanation required and this was given a second thumbs-up by blog editor Jen Gheller.)

Blogger Tracy Townsend has her eyes on the book The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands.

Writing gloves featuring “The Raven”

Editor Shel Graves has added writing gloves to the list.

Blogger D.M. Domosea is dreaming of some wearables like this COEXIST shirt and The Neverending Story on a sweater.