More Luna Station Quarterly on the way!

I’ve always had a plan to do something more with the blog here on LSQ. For a long time I had dreams of writing all this great content, but never found the time.

Now that dream is coming true and I’m not on my own! Instead of filling all that digital space on my own, I’ve recruited a team of writers and reviewers to contribute their talents throughout the month.

Starting on July 1st, in addition to publishing LSQ itself (still the main focus!), we’ll also be publishing daily content on the website! (Except Sunday, because even I need to rest occasionally.)

There will be interviews with women authors, essays on speculative fiction, philosophy, and reading, writing tips, a monthly comic book article written by yours truly, and a review or two every week to help you find that next great read or remind you of an old favorite.

I’m very proud and excited to be able to promote even more women’s voices to the world and I do hope you’ll join us to see the varied essays and reviews they have to share.

You can learn more about who’s going to be writing all this awesome stuff on the Blog Staff page. They’re a great bunch.

Posts will also be linked on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and Google+, too, so you can keep up with all the latest. Yay!