A new issue, and I look back

Six years. Can you believe it?

I know I feel every moment of the last six years and at the same time, it feels like yesterday that I sat down at my computer and started jotting down ideas for what this magazine might be called.

Welcome to the final issue of LSQ’s sixth year.

So many wonderful things happened this year. We published our first anthology, the best of the first five years. We gained the amazing help of our blog editor, Cheryl Wollner. Our editorial team (hello dears!) has read through hundreds of stories and had great discussions about the trends we’re seeing in short fiction (both the good and the bad). And we started our Patreon page, where our awesome patrons support us and our authors.

And now we have Issue 024, our largest issue this year, a magical mix of fantasy, fairy tale and science fiction. I do hope you enjoy these stories as much as we did.

So, where to begin, right? I’ll set you on track with our featured story, “Turning Song” by Fay Kevaly.

You can read the rest of the issue there as well, of course, but I highly recommend you pick up a copy for yourself. It’s in print and also ebook (both published through our mother company, Luna Station Press), so you can take LSQ with you. Details are all available on the issue’s page. Buying a copy helps us pay our authors!

With all that happened this year, I’m looking forward to seeing what next year brings us. Until then, I hope you read and enjoy the stories in this issue.

Thank you all for stopping by!