New Volunteer Positions now open!

Luna Station Quarterly is a grassroots, independent magazine with an international user base, dedicated to publishing great genre fiction (sci-fi/fantasy, all that weird stuff that’s fun to read, etc.) by emerging women writers. We’re currently in our 5th year of publication!

We support a positive, affirming atmosphere and encourage writers who are just starting out. We publish stories we love, no matter the author’s level of experience.

While not an official non-profit, we operate on a non-profit model, with all proceeds of book sales going back into paying authors and running the website. As such, these are currently “for the love” positions (even our EIC doesn’t get paid). You can learn a bit more about our future goals on our Patreon page.

In all positions listed, you’ll get hands on experience working on Luna Station Quarterly as well as access to our Editor-In-Chief to pick her brain for technical/publishing questions.

So, that’s us in a nutshell, now what are we looking to do?

We want LSQ to grow and to engage on a more active level with our community of authors, but we also want to reach out to readers, to get the attention of non-writers and show what great stuff is going on in the worlds of short stories, genre fiction, and women writers.

What do we need?

We need you! We’re looking for readers and writers to help us build on our solid and growing foundation. Interested? Take a look at the positions we have available below. If you would like to dig in and apply to more than one. READERS WELCOME!

We’ll be collecting applications for the next couple of weeks. Expect a decision and start date some time in the next month.

Assistant Editors

We got a great response for this position and have closed applications. If you’re interested in helping out, we still definitely need a couple special project assistants!

Our volunteer Assistant Editors read through the submitted stories, voting for the ones they consider the best fit for LSQ. Once stories are chosen, everything gets a proofread before going off to production.

While a simple job description, this is the core of what makes LSQ run, it’s all about the individual issues, and the stories within are the foundation upon which the whole of LSQ is built.

Great proofreading, organizational skills, maturity and a love for short stories and genre fiction are a must, but otherwise no experience is necessary.

Time requirement: an hour or so a week, possibly increasing to a few hours a week during final selection periods

Special Projects Assistants

We have some special print projects planned for the coming year and could use a couple extra sets of hands and eyes. You’ll be  working closely with our Editor-In-Chief on proofreading and organizing collections of stories for print.

There’s production work to be done, so a ready willingness to handle less glamorous administrative tasks is a must. Great proofreading, organizational skills, and a love for short stories and genre fiction are also a must, but otherwise no experience is necessary.

In theory, these are temporary positions, expecting to finish in March 2015. If you’d like to keep going after that, there are plenty of helpful tasks hanging around that need attention.

Time requirement: a few hours a week

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A Social Media Team

We have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, goodreads, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts, plus the occasional newsletter. Right now we post links to our blog posts, our featured stories, reminders about deadlines, author publishing news, and whatever the Editor-In-Chief and Assistant Editor Danielle Perry dig up in their digital travels.

We want to expand this content, play off the topics of our blog posts in our social media, engage with writers and with readers, especially, and generally build a community of folks that can support each other and share favorite stories as well as supporting LSQ.

We also want to grow our newsletter and are always looking for new ideas for great, original content to post on our various accounts.

Most importantly, these positions are about building community, not just advertising our publication. We want a genuine voice for LSQ and stuff that’s actually cool or interesting, not just SEO friendly.

We’re looking for a team of people willing to post relevant content and start and respond to conversations in our various social media accounts. If you have a favorite service (eg. you live on Tumblr more than you care to admit), that’s great!

No experience is required for these positions, just a basic understanding of how to post statuses, tweets, etc. and a willingness to dig in and learn. Of course it would be cool if you really believe in women writers, genre fiction, short stories, etc. but you don’t have to be a writer! Readers welcome!

Ideally, it would be great to have an expert/moderator on each service. SEO knowledge helpful, but not necessary at all.

Time requirement: a few hours a week, or as much time as you’re willing to contribute.

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New Bloggers

We’re also always on the lookout for columnists, reviewers, and interviewers.

Crossposts from your blogs would be welcome as well, so if you’re already writing essays, etc. maybe LSQ can help spread your exposure. All the content you contribute will be posted on the LSQ site, our Tumblr, and linked on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

And of course you retain the rights to everything. 🙂 Your bio will be added to the staff section of the site as well.

Specifically, here’s what we’re seeking:

Columnists/Essayists –

Ideas are welcome for a monthly (or even quarterly) column on something related to books, genre stuff, women in writing, general geekiness, etc.

We would also love random personal essay submissions on pretty much any topic related to books, women, and speculative fiction in some way. So, if you can’t commit to a regular schedule, we’d still love to see your piece.

Interviewers –

If anyone is interested in contacting authors and organizing interviews, please let us know! We’d love to involve indie authors, too, including those published by a small press as well as self-publishers.

Reviewers –

Have a favorite book, old or new, that you’d like to write a review for? Already write reviews on your own blog or goodreads? We’d like to regular book reviews.

Qualifications and how to apply –

First timers are welcome! LSQ has always been open to emerging and new writers and this is no exception.

Please take a look at the topics we’re already covering. We’re looking for something we haven’t covered yet, or at least not in great depth.

Once you fill out the application, we’ll be in touch and will ask you for a sample of your writing. So, if you’re interested in contributing any of the above, either a single piece or as a staff writer, please use this form:

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