News from the LSQ front

After a little hiatus for the crazy December holidays, I have some huge news for you all, some of it is a little sad, but some of it is amazing. Let’s get started shall we?

First, the sad news. Our wonderful assistant editor Evan Pettit is retiring from her position here at LSQ. School and other important life stuff is taking her from us, but I want to take the opportunity to thank her for being an amazing support to LSQ from the very first issue. Thank you, Ev!

Yes, that means that Cheryl and I are in need of another assistant editor. Interested in taking on the task? We’re taking applications now to fill this gap in the team. If you want to learn more, you can find out the details and apply on . We look forward to welcoming someone into the fold!

Next is news that is only a tiny bit sad. As of this year, LSQ will be cancelling the annual drabble issue. A lot of thought went into this decision, but the time is right. The fourth issue of the year will now be a regular issue with regular guidelines and all else that entails.

Finally, the really good news. We are officially a paying market!!! From the next issue forward, authors will now receive a token payment in addition to a lifetime subscription to the ebook version of the quarterly. Interested in ? We’re open until January 15th for the next issue!

One last bit of important business before I let you all go. Our featured story is back in rotation, this time highlighting “” by Ashely Blake. I encourage you to go enjoy this little beauty of a story and then continue on to the other wondeful drabbles in this issue.

Thanks for your support, dear readers! Here’s to 2013 and continued growth and success for us all!