OMG. It’s here!

cover-frontSee that cover right there? That is the cover of the amazing anthology celebrating LSQ’s first five years. FIFTY of the best stories we’ve published. And it’s gorgeous.

Cover art? Yup, that’s Julie Dillon, Hugo Award-winning and wonderfully talented. I knew the moment I saw it that this book would not be the same without this image. It sums up so much of what LSQ is about.

Choosing the stories in this volume was a tough job and I say that with no hyperbole. I’m proud of every story we’ve published. Some of the stories in this book are from seasoned writers, but so many of them are stellar examples of new writers getting their feet wet with their first publication and I made no distinction when I chose the ones that made the cut.

I want to thank a couple of people who made this possible. I was so fortunate to have a great team help me with the proofreading. My special projects team of Wanda Evans, Sara Lundberg, and Christina Im did most of the heavy lifting, but they also got some important help from Jan Stinchcomb, A.E. Ash, Megan Patton, Jessica Powell, Cathrin Hagey, and Shana DuBois.

I also want to thank my partner in crime, Tara Lindsey, Creative Director of Luna Station Press, for her invaluable service in helping me keep things moving forward and providing that critical eye for the finest details.

So, I bet you’re ready to find out how to get your hands on this, right?

We’re proudly publishing it in print only for the time being. This is a bug squashing 550 pages and it’s more than worthy of taking up space on your bookshelf (or living on your bedside table for bedtime reading). I’ve held this thing in my hands and felt a swell of pride.

You can order a copy direct from us and this is the option that best helps support LSQ and our mission. You can also order a copy from Amazon, of course.

Buy From Us Buy At Amazon

Oh, and did I mention there’s a coupon when you buy from us? Code: B52GP555 will get you 10% off AND you get to help LSQ grow. Yay!

So, just choose your poison and thank you for supporting LSQ and the stellar storytelling we get to publish every quarter. We look forward to bringing you more great writers and their tales for years to come.

Here’s to the first five years!

P.S. – If you become a member of our Patreon, volumes like this are part of the perks. 🙂