Open Call: Bloggers of Color Wanted

Luna Station Quarterly is looking for bloggers of color to contribute blogs and articles on a monthly or quarterly basis. We are striving to highlight the voices of people of color to be inclusive for more than Black History month, but every month.

LSQ’s mission continues to be to display the vast and varied talents of female speculative fiction writers. That mission means LSQ  seeks to feature female bloggers of color and highlight female authors of color as the important contributors to science fiction and fantasy which they are.

You might be the right fit for us if:

  1. You believe in intersectional feminism
  2. You support emerging female writers of speculative fiction
  3. You’ve read LSQ’s blog or any of our past 24 issues (or our latest issue 24) and believe you’d be a good fit for the team
  4. You believe writing about speculative fiction sounds like an incredible way to connect to others in the genre

If this sounds like you, fill out our Contributing Writer’s Application.

As speculative fiction authors, we re-imagine the world. That world must include people of color and we want you to be  a part of building this world.

More details on the search for female bloggers of color and greater coverage of female authors of color will be coming soon.