A Scream that Rocked the World

An annihilating scream shook with the beat of a death rattle.‭ ‬It came from downstairs.‭ ‬It was my mother.‭ ‬My mother never screamed.‭ ‬A brow-beaten housewife who Dad terrorized into a zombie.‭ ‬Her owl eyes rarely blinked anymore. I descend.‭ ‬Maybe she jumped,‭ ‬or better yet,‭ ‬plunged a kitchen knife through his gut.‭ ‬Step by step.‭ ‬Whimpering echoes from her room.‭ ‬She is rocking,‭ ‬teetering on the edge.‭ ‬Marble eyes stare into a place I never want to go.‭ “‬Mom‭?” ‬The phone is off the hook in her lap.‭ “‬Mom‭?” ‬The phone starts beeping.‭ ‬She speaks.‭ “‬My sister killed herself.‭”