An Act of Love

The cabin was cold when they arrived.‭ ‬They made a fire,‭ ‬prepared dinner.

The fire had long since faded,‭ ‬its light replaced by the moon´s,‭ ‬when the son spoke:

‭”‬She smelled of summer and her eyes were laughter visualized.‭ ‬I lost my balance with her.‭ ‬I liked it.‭”

The moon grew stronger,‭ ‬the shadows deepened.

‭”‬Was I wrong‭?”

“To kill her‭?” ‬The father was still as a statue.

‭”‬To love her.‭”

No answer,‭ ‬but the son felt at peace,‭ ‬as always in the cabin.‭ ‬Good thing his father had insisted they´d come here.

The moon watched them,‭ ‬insensate and fateful.