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November 1, 2009

Re: Discrimination Lawsuit


Ms. Karen Wilson
Learning Centers and Opportunities
Human Resources
Suite 2187D
Fearsville, TN USA 11666

Dear Ms. Wilson,

I am writing to you on behalf of my client, Zelda Hatchett. Ms. Hatchett was at your company on Monday October 30, 2009 in response to an office management position listing in your online website. On the alleged date, she filled out the proper forms for employment, took a test, and had an interview with Mr. Douglass Roundoff. During this interview, Mr. Douglass Roundoff asked her to remove the axe from her head because he found it disturbing. My client objected and she was asked to leave, ending the interview and any chance she had of employment with your company.

As you may be aware from her employment application, Ms. Hatchett is a zombie. The axe is attached to her brain and is a permanent and debilitating condition. This interview caused my client a great deal of emotional distress and humiliation.

I have reviewed the job description documentation that Ms. Hatchett provided for me and determined she would have been qualified for the job, were it not for the inappropriate request made by Mr. Roundoff. In response to the inappropriate request, emotional distress, and humiliation my client has suffered, Ms. Hatchett wishes to proceed with a discrimination lawsuit. I am enclosing further documentation for your perusal.

Please respond to this letter as soon as possible.

I can be reached at 1-423-888-9109 or 1-423-888-2468.

Mr. James Brown

Enclosures: (2)
Job Description; Written statement from Ms. Hatchett