Editorial, Issue 030

Change, whether it comes by choice or not, is always an opportunity to reasses your world and how you live in it. As a writer, this is a prime chance to gather plenty of that “inspiration” stuff everyone is always talking about. It’s harder, by far, to do this in the midst of major change in one’s life. Moving house, for example, opens up all those hidden bits of yourself you’ve tucked away in boxes and now must decide if they are worth the burden of their physical as well as their emotional weight. “Does this thing still serve me? Does it bring something into my life?” is a common question I’m asking myself as I sit here at the kitchen table, surrounded by an ocean of boxes.

But beyond the things that we carry, change is a time to reflect on who we have been for the span of time before this and who we want to become moving forward. As the world around us is in upheaval and change is coming at us hard, fast, unbidden, and undesired, we all have that chance to take stock. Who have we been all this time leading up to this moment? Is that person still who we want to be? Can we even still be those people in the face of what is going on in the world around us?

Massive change is also, for better or worse, a chance to stay stagnant, set in ones ways, to resist becoming the next, hopefully better, versions of ourselves. I personally feel that, for all of us, resisting inner evolution is counter-productive. How can we grow if we do not change? How do we become better writers, editors, poets, better people, if we push back against an opportunity for growth? Resisting that kind of inner growth has, in my experience, often ended in the choice being made for me, for the power to choose to be taken out of my hands. The world does not stop spinning and moving and others around us will make choices without us if we choose to stand still.

So, to briefly wrap these thoughts together because there are boxes yet to pack, I leave you with this: What is holding you back in your life? What needs to change? And what can you do to make that move before the world comes sweeping in and decides to force your hand and your options become limited?

The characters featured in the tales to follow face hard choices. They too are in the process of remaking who they are, some by choice, others not. Change and growth go hand in hand, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful, sometimes hard won. These characters know this all too well.

What needs to change in your life? Who do you want to be next? Go grab it with both hands. After all, we have guides to lead the way. We already have stories to show us how it’s done.