Editorial, Issue 041

There are two sides to Luna Station Quarterly. One does not function without the other, they’re forever intertwined. The first is you, the reader. Without you there would be no purpose for the magazine you now read. These pages, these stories, there is no need for them without you to enjoy them or, at the least, take from them what you will.

Our readers are a community. We see you on social media, we note your presence on Patreon and our website and whenever you make a purchase of an issue or anthology. In all these ways, you show us how much you care about and support LSQ and the work it does to support women-identified authors. In a world that grows darker by the day, those small connections mean everything.

Then there are those times that you reach out and tell us directly what a story has meant to you. Well, those times are truly special. We love to hear from you! It gives us a boost of inspiration in this work we do and helps us to remember what a brighter future might look like, or what dark future may come to fruition if we’re not careful, or yes, even what a world long ago or far away has to show us about being human.

The other half of this helix, twisting like DNA through the strands of story, is our staff and authors. Together we create this thing, build it and give it life. From the day-to-day of running and writing the blog, to the time taken to read every submission that comes through our inbox, our staff works to ensure that the women-identified folks around the world have a voice in genre fiction. We, too, are a community. We support each other and share the load of what it means to be a writer of the fantastique in a world bent on making us believe that imagination and story have no purpose anymore.

That structure allows us the freedom and strength to hold the door open for new and emerging voices. We bring them into the fold, welcoming them as best we can around a campfire fueled by a passion for story. In almost every issue we have a new author, someone the world has never read before, have a chance to share their tale with the world. And such stories they are! While it is said that all the stories have already been written, our authors consistently surprise us with the infinite variations still out there, undiscovered.

In addition to our story authors and the quarterly, those wonderful folks who write for our blog bring new thoughts and ideas into the light every day of the week. They introduce us to stories we have been curious about, give us new ideas to ponder, and remind us of the breadth of thought that’s possible when all of humanity gets to share its voice.

All of us together form the whole of what LSQ is about, why we are here and what we have to offer the world. So, to our readers and our writers, to our staff and to our supporters, welcome to the eleventh year of Luna Station Quarterly. Let us be the warp and the weft of countless worlds both real and imagined. May the two halves of our community continue to weave together the shared story of our worlds.