Editorial: Issue 045

Welcome to Luna Station Quarterly, year twelve.

I’m happy to tell you all that over the last decade plus, we’ve retained a child-like wonder and deep love of stories. Fairy tales still enchant us, science fiction still ignites our imaginations. Witches, rogues, explorers, and zombies lead us through the books we read and show us new and interesting ways to be human. Even in this strange new world we find ourselves living in, this life that we could not have imagined would look so drastically different a year ago, stories are still here for us.

I do what I can to keep these editorials as timeless as I am able, but I would be remiss if I didn’t note that we have been under the cloud of the pandemic for a year now. I had just finished off the production work on last year’s March issue when I fell ill myself. Recovery was longer than I expected, but I am grateful that, with time, I did indeed heal. I am so happy that you are here with us, too, reading these words now.

For me, it feels too soon to look back on the last year. We’re still in it, after all. Hope is on the horizon and the promise of spring here in the North East feels even more potent than usual, especially as we’ve had more snow than in the last few years combined. Even as many of us joke that time does not exist anymore and we’re somehow living the very long March 2020, I have LSQ to keep me on track. The steady cycle of LSQ’s quarterly appearance marks time for me. This March is not last March.

How will the last year impact the stories we tell? As a publisher and author myself, that is one of the most interesting questions I consider now. Tales written in the last few months have begun to appear in our slush pile and I am rather pleased to say that there is wonder and adventure still to be had within our pages. The darkness has not swallowed the light and our collective creativity is still burning brightly.

So please take some time for yourself today to get a little lost in our pages. Allow these stories to show you possibilities and hope and strange new worlds or even a bit of old-fashioned fun. Let them be a buoy, for that is what stories excel at doing for us all. And this batch? Well, they’re particularly good, if I do say so myself.