Editorial, Issue 047

It’s amazing how the wheel of the year turns, the subtle shifts that happen right under our noses that are only visible when we pause after some time has passed and we find ourselves in a new season, with a new territory to navigate. Hopefully in that time we’ve also gathered some new wisdom to employ on the next step of our journeys.

When last we met, it was high Spring. Now it’s high Summer here in the Northeast. There are boiling temperatures and humidity that makes you feel you’re melting, but there are also tomatoes and peppers fresh from the garden. The foliage has deepened to that darker green that means it is no longer new, but middle aged and comfortable, though definitely not settled in its ways. Much like myself, if I’m honest.

Another change that has occurred since last we met is that I am once again writing. It’s a relief and a joy. I wrote more about that shift on the LSQ blog if you’re interested in following my journey. Suffice to say that I’m enjoying myself tremendously and I look forward to putting a few more nuggets of story out into the world soon. Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, a new issue of LSQ won’t have been the only thing I’ve published this month.

Like many people, I’ve started reading James Clear’s “Atomic Habits”. He also has a weekly newsletter if you’re like me and are into that kind of thing. Recently, in the newsletter he offered a piece of advice that I’m finding resonates with me:

“Pick a priority for this season of your life and do it to the best of your ability.”

I’ve also become quite a fan of the RPG Wanderhome’s unique months and seasons, which mirror my own, but from a new perspective. If I were there, I would be sitting in the month of Swarming, happy to be out of The Devildays, and very much looking forward to Gateling.

This all pulls together as I embrace my friends and our little circle’s regular meetings to break bread. This year I am acknowledging the seasonal changes in a deeper way than ever before.

I am in the middle-age season of my life and I do not yet know what my priority is, though I think “deepening that which I am already doing” is probably a fair assessment of where I want to head.

LSQ is fully a part of that and I am so pleased to be able to share this collection of stories with you. Our authors have once again hit it out of the park. Once again we present to you a significantly large issue because we received yet another abundance of magnificent work that could be trimmed no further without losing something special, unique, and purely Luna Station Quarterly.

I hope you can find some space in your life to curl up with these tales and allow them to take you to new places. They will make you laugh, gasp, and shed a tear or two. I am still carrying them with me in my heart and I hope you find a place for them in yours. Enjoy.