“It´s an ambiguous task,‭” ‬the Entity said,‭ ‬manifesting itself as smoke,‭ “‬you might regret taking it on.‭”

“Perhaps,‭” ‬the Angel agreed,‭ “‬but I want it too much to decline.‭”


“I love your humans.‭ ‬Their actions are beyond reason and dreams.‭ ‬Their fragility is beautiful.‭ ‬I want to do right by them.‭ ‬And I´ll manage,‭” ‬he smiled,‭ “‬I´m well-insulated.‭”

“So be it.‭”

The smoke entered him,‭ ‬transformed him and left him with the knowledge of what it means to be the judge of who lives and who dies.

I´ll never fly again,‭ ‬he thought ruefully as the smoke slowly dissolved.