Future History Lesson

“‬Science teaches us that life on Earth emerged from the seas millions of years ago,‭” ‬Mr.‭ ‬Finny began.‭ “‬Our ancestors crawled out of the waters,‭ ‬entering a world brightly lit by a star during the day,‭ ‬and by a moon and more distant stars at night.

They discovered remnants of an ancient,‭ ‬barbaric civilization.

Dwellings taller than the world loomed over them.‭ ‬They wondered what sort of creatures populated the planet before.

Then,‭ ‬they found the pictures.‭”

Mr.‭ ‬Finny held one up for the class to see.

The children squealed in mock terror,‭ ‬covering their eyes with their foremost tentacles.