Lola’s Snack

Martin slipped the unknown Frenchman’s ulna into the sleeve of his jacket.‭ ‬The bone felt like a long,‭ ‬dry stick of chalk against his skin.‭ ‬With practiced nonchalance,‭ ‬he joined a departing tour group and strolled out of the Paris Catacombs.

Back home a week later,‭ ‬he placed the bone atop a low bookcase,‭ ‬amused by this new conversation piece.

The next morning,‭ ‬he headed downstairs and found the bone missing.‭ ‬His normally sweet dog,‭ ‬Lola,‭ ‬stood beside the shelves,‭ ‬growling as if possessed.

She lunged for his arm,‭ ‬vengeance in her eyes.‭ ‬Martin’s transgression would no longer go unpunished.