Lover’s Quarrel

She listens as he plays the piano in the living room downstairs‭ – ‬a peculiar tune,‭ ‬one she doesn’t know.‭ ‬She gets out of bed and goes to join him,‭ ‬to finally say the thing.

The room is dark,‭ ‬the piano draped in red velvet.‭ ‬She hears it still,‭ ‬the odd tune.

She walks forward.‭ ‬He is there,‭ ‬on the sofa with pillow and blanket,‭ ‬asleep.‭ ‬She watches him,‭ ‬listening to the tune,‭ ‬but trying now to imagine it as it ought to be.‭ ‬The music stops.‭ ‬His eyes open.

‭“‬What are you doing‭?” ‬she asks.

‭“‬Playing the piano,‭” ‬he answers.