A matador walks into the forest.‭ ‬A killer by any other name,‭ ‬he is called Paolo.‭ ‬He even has a red cape,‭ ‬which he lays down over the moss.‭ ‬He sets out wine and Monchego.‭ ‬She comes sniffing,‭ ‬slinking,‭ ‬from the undergrowth.‭ ‬With big white teeth,‭ ‬he smiles.‭ ‬He spares a moment to think how beautiful her eyes,‭ ‬like amber on the southern beaches.‭ ‬And then as she dips to taste the wine,‭ ‬he presses home the blade,‭ ‬and again,‭ ‬until his cape is soaked with the Wolf’s blood.‭ ‬He wears it proudly out of the woods,‭ ‬wrapped around him.