She is near the end of her quest and fading fast.‭ ‬As sunset approaches,‭ ‬she becomes weaker.‭ ‬What she seeks will revive her,‭ ‬but there’s still one obstacle‭ — ‬three goblins that grow stronger with nightfall.‭ ‬They are young and elusive,‭ ‬however,‭ ‬that doesn’t deter her.‭ ‬The battle begins.‭ ‬They claw,‭ ‬shriek,‭ ‬and squirm as she wrestles each into a tub of warm holy water.‭ ‬Their earthly grime melts‭; ‬they unwillingly submit to dreams.‭ ‬She has won,‭ ‬and her prize awaits her.‭ ‬She grabs the goblet with both hands and slowly sips the elixir of life.‭ ‬Once again,‭ ‬Mother is revived.