Re-population Project

“‬They’re trying to re-populate their planet and need help from humans‭?”

“Yeah,‭” ‬Colin yawned,‭ “‬but they can’t mate with us.‭”

“Have you been to the recreation room‭?” ‬Kyle pulled the scratchy blanket up to his chin.

‭“‬It isn’t like a community center rec room.‭ ‬No ping-pong tables and those aren’t smoothies you see spilled on the floor.‭”

“So what do you do‭?”

“Stand in a line and hope you don’t get picked for refreshment duty.‭”

“Why don’t you want to be chosen‭?” ‬Kyle stared at Colin.

‭“‬Let’s just say the snack bar is unique.‭ ‬I guess humans taste better raw.‭”