Reach for the Stars

By his estimation,‭ ‬Gryff is now First Mate.‭ ‬Amazing,‭ ‬the rungs of the employment ladder one can leap when there is a deadly on-board virus.‭ ‬From mechanic third class to here,‭ ‬the navigation room,‭ ‬in under two weeks.‭ ‬He gazes out the port window,‭ ‬naming stars after deceased crew.‭ ‬They are heading back to Earth now on his order‭; ‬the poor Captain is indisposed.‭ ‬In Gryff’s pocket,‭ ‬the ever-present vial.‭ ‬The one he will proudly hand over to the President of the United States.‭ ‬The one that will allow him to jump even higher.‭ ‬The stars wait for new names.