Sad Dog

I don’t want to eat,‭ ‬even bacon.

‭”‬You’re so sad,‭ ‬Moe,‭” ‬she says.‭ “‬Me too.‭”

I don’t want to sniff around.‭ ‬His scent’s never new anymore.

Humans don’t sniff much.‭ ‬But she holds his shirt and sniffs.‭ ‬Her eyes drip water.‭ ‬She lies down and whimpers.‭

I jump on the bed.‭ ‬She doesn’t tell me‭ “‬Get down,‭ ‬Moe.‭”

Maybe sad means sniff his shirt and whimper.‭ ‬So I do.

He put stuff in my brain with needles so I can think in words.‭ ‬They come out in his light box.‭ ‬She doesn’t know that yet.

I’m trying the word sad.