Spring Cleaning‭ – ‬Oh Lord the Fridge‭!

The newly scoured,‭ ‬pristine white door opens.‭ ‬Fresh-bought foods tumble out trying to escape their feral brethren haunting the shelves,‭ ‬the dark,‭ ‬deep recesses.‭ ‬They lay forgotten,‭ ‬until this moment of truth,‭ ‬this time of excavation.‭ ‬They know their lids will lift‭; ‬their rotten blackish-green growth will lend a palette of subtle stinking miasma no amount of baking soda can even hope to absorb.‭ ‬The putrid tendrils of leftover experiments gone horribly wrong creep up the inside of no-longer translucent anonymous stacked containers.‭ ‬Living cultivations of meals long forgotten.‭ ‬The horror‭!
Why do I always leave the fridge till last‭?