Untitled #1

I stand over my late husband’s grave,‭ ‬reciting the spell that I paid dearly for‭ ‬–‭ ‬a spell to raise the dead.‭ ‬I trip over the arcane tongue,‭ ‬mispronouncing a word.‭ ‬Shit‭! ‬It probably won’t work now‭! ‬I forge ahead anyway,‭ ‬and the ground trembles at my feet and splits apart.‭ ‬I am overjoyed‭!

Until I look up and see that it is happening to ALL the graves in the cemetery.

A T.‭ ‬Rex skeleton emerges from the roiling asphalt of the nearby street.‭ ‬Just how far-reaching IS this spell,‭ ‬I wonder as he clamps his jaws around me.