Untitled #5

Midway through their first dinner date,‭ ‬he said,‭“‬I don’t like animals.‭” “‬Really,‭” ‬she said while wriggling a white dinner napkin.‭ “‬Yep.‭” ‬he said,‭ ‬unapologetically forking capellini pomodoro.‭ “‬Did something happen to you when you were little‭?” “‬No.‭” ‬he murmured with noodles,‭ ‬like jellyfish tentacles,‭ ‬dangling.‭ “‬What about pandas‭? ‬Or Kitties‭? ‬They’re so cute.‭” ‬Setting his fork down,‭ ‬he said,‭ “‬I don’t like hair on me.‭ ‬It’s disgusting.‭ ‬As for pandas,‭ ‬you never know what one is thinking.‭ ‬It could snap at any moment.‭” “‬So can people.‭” ‬she asserted eyes huge,‭ ‬elbows on the table.‭ “‬This is true,‭” ‬he replied.