Such Joy! Issue 26 is Upon Us

026cover-front-tinyIt’s here! Luna Station Quarterly is proud to present Issue 26. It is our seventh year of publication and every day we are lucky to read the work of female authors who believe they have stories to tell and won’t take no for an answer. Every issue is a celebration of female authors, the worlds they imagine and the words they spin.

It’s not always easy to write but the end result is worth it because you created something! You took an idea and turned it into a story to be shared and passed along and LSQ honors your work. It is work, but it is also joy.

We hope this issue inspires you to read more speculative fiction and more work by our incredible contributing authors. We hope this issue inspires you to write your own stories. As our editor, Jennifer Lyn Parsons, says in this issue’s editorial: “Now go write something that brings you joy.”