Suggested Reading from LSQ Authors! Day 2

We’re back with Day 2 of our week long celebration of the amazing work LSQ’s authors are publishing. Check out this next batch of incredible publications by LSQ authors and the literary journals who published them.

Nikki Vogel: Her work “– in Beginning” was published in Empty Sink Publishing.

Phyllis Green: Since “Violetta Brun” appeared in LSQ, some other stories of hers have been published: “The Little Corner Cafe” in Orion Headless, “Decent People” in Poydras Review, “Ilka and Ivan” in Apeiron Review, “An Arrangement in Scheveningen” in The Milo Review, “Moonlight on the Lake” in Belle Reve, “Cosmetics Counter at Saks” in Bitterzoet, “Morning Traffic” in The McNeese Review, “On the Street Where You Have Never Been Before” in Storyacious and named “Best of Storyacious 2013”, “Our Eyes Met Across a Crowded Room” in Dark Matter, “Teeth” in Gravel, “Chester Drawers” in Goreyesque, “Julia and Drew” in Buried Letter Press, “The Thrill of a Lifetime” in Flapper House, and stories in EDGE, Serving House Journal, WhiskeyPaper, Rose Red Review, Owen Wister Review, and New Plains Review

L.J.Perry: Spent each day of 2014 writing a 100 word drabble. Check out her collection of drabbles here.

Mary E. Lowd: her novel, Otters In Space 2: Jupiter, Deadly, as well as two of her short stories — “In a Cat’s Eyes” and “Fox in the Hen House” — were nominated for the Ursa Major Awards. Her short story “When a Cat Loves a Dog” won for Best Short Fiction, and her stories A Real Stand-Up Guy, The Best Puppy Ever, The Wharf Cat’s Mermaid, and The Carousel of Spirits, were the runners up in the same category. The Ursa Major Awards are meant to reward excellence in anthropomorphic arts and literature — fiction featuring talking animals.

Nancy O’Toole: her short story “The Fox” has been published in the July issue of The Lorelei Signal.

Janel Gradowski: Check out her Culinary Competition mystery series here.

Jan Stinchcomb: for more of Jan’s updates and accomplishments follow her on tumblr and read her book reviews right here on LSQ at Notes From Rapunzel’s Tower.

Keep reading and keep writing! There will be more work from our incredible authors posted for tomorrow.