Suggested Readings By LSQ Authors! Day 5

What better way to start off your week of work or school or play than with an extra helping of reading material? Our week of Suggested Readings by LSQ authors continues to run strong.

Charlotte Nash: her short story “Blue ICE,” an agricultural cyberpunk piece, along with more of her latest publications, can be found on her website.

Tara Campbell was accepted to participate in the 2014 DC Author Festival, sponsored by the District of Columbia Public Library Foundation. Her most recent short story “The Collector” was published in Latchkey Tales Omnibus in June 2015.

Nina Shepardson is a staff reader at Spark: A Creative Anthology.

Maureen Bowden has had 43 poems and short stories accepted for publication by various paying outlets. One of her favorites is her short story “Dead Rocker,” published by Fabula Argen

Congratulations to all our authors for their achievements.

If you like what you’re reading, consider getting a copy of our Anthology, where you can read the work of fifty of our authors and marvel at the cover art by Julie Dillon.

Keep reading and keep writing (it keeps your week fresh)!