Suggested Readings by LSQ Authors! Day 7

It’s been a week long celebration here. Our Five Year Anthology is released, Issue 23 is live and full of fantasy and fairy tale magic, and our authors continue to publish incredible things. Thank you for joining our celebration this week. After all, there’s nothing better than discovering your new favorite author.

Kim Mary Trotto‘s novel Goodlands, a teen adventure-romance, is published on Swoon Website. And, make sure to check out her short stories “The Last Memory of Bally” (published in Frontier Tales), Hullabroo (published in Aphelion Webzine), “Well Suited” (published in Defenestration) and of course, “The Gold Fish” published in LSQ.

A. E. Ash published her sci fi poem “Sidereal” in Apex Magazine May 2015.

Allison Har-zvi won first place in the Women’s National Book Association’s annual writing contest! Her winning story “If You’re Ready” is now online in their publication, The Bookwoman. Unlike her work for LSQ, this story doesn’t fall into the speculative fiction category, but, as she says, “I’d be flattered if you wanted to check it out anyway.”

K C Maguire has published her first novel! Check out Inside the Palisadeher YA dystopia story.

If you like what you’re reading, consider getting a copy of our Anthology, and checking out Issue 23. And trust me, with the authors we publish, we’ll always have a few suggested readings and great news to share. Keep reading and keep writing. It’s good for the soul.