Superblog #5: The Queen of Shadows Rages

Hello once again, faithful and loyal extraordinary authoresses and league supporters! 

Today I, your fearless leader Lady Morse Code, am a little weary about our interview guest, as I’m not 100% sure which side of the fence she plays on–hero or villain. She’s bit gruff and grumbly, but all in all I think she has a good heart. So, hang in there with us and if you get too bummed or on edge during the interview, take a break to lay in a hammock, sing a happy song or eat something sweet then come back when you’re ready. Curling up the fetal position to cry is acceptable too. I’m not saying that’s what I did after the interview but I might have done something close to that. Okay, without further adieu, take a deep breath because here’s today’s guest…


Lady Morse Code: Queen of Shadows, welcome to the League of Extraordinary Authoresses! May I call you Queen or Shadow?

Queen of Shadows: You will address me as Queen of Shadows.

LMC: Well, guess not. That’s okay. My feelings aren’t hurt. Alrighty, so Queen of Shadows, do you have a cover name?

QOS: Ceanmohrlass.

LMC: That’s an unusual name. Would you like to tell us how you came to use either your cover name or your superhero name?

QOS: (silence, she refused to look at me and just stared out the window)

LMC: Well, this interview isn’t going so well, is it? Going to be a short one, I’m afraid. Would you be willing to maybe tell me about your powers?

QOS: What? Are you not from this universe? My superpower is the ability to read the minds of the good, and steal important information. My master plan is to take over every library in the universe! I twist and devour others’ secrets, turning them into multi-genre blockbusters!

LMC: Wow! I’m not quite sure how to respond to that. I think you were being rude but at least you’re talking. That’s progress. Let’s see if we can keep it going but maybe just a little bit less aggressive. Shall we? Do you have a sidekick, Queen of Shadows?

QOS: I do, her name is Aurora Phoenix and she has the power to control fire and heat (then she whispered). She’s my daughter-in-law and I absolutely adore her.

LMC: Happy day! How unexpected. That was a lovely answer. I do find it surprising that you have offspring and that they survived to adulthood but that aside, I like this new version of you. Thank you for coming around. Who are some of your favorite female superhero writers and why do you admire them?

QOS: Pamela Daniell, Michele Morrell, Tara Cromer

LMC: A little backslide to a short, clipped answer but that’s alright. These are fantastic authors, I get why you like them without you having to explain. Tell me about your lair and feel free to elaborate as much as you’d like. 

QOS: In a deep dark forest in Texas. It’s surrounded by sound waves and hidden behind the cloak of night. Actually, it’s just Magnolia (then she laughed uncontrollably and somewhat hysterically).

LMC: Oh my. Well, that wasn’t really elaborate, however, I’m willing to move on. Are you okay, Queen of Shadows? Good. We’re almost done, please hang onto your sanity just a little longer. Stay in the light, please, and tell me about your weapons or supergadgets.

QOS: Now if I told you, you would have an advantage over me wouldn’t you … Queen of Shadows divulges nothing!

LMC: Alright, alright. Sit back. Calm down. We’re good. We’re on the same side. I think. Right? Good. Um. Can you describe your supercostume for my readers? That’s not too personal, is it?

QOS: Be gone with you peasant. Everyone knows of my luscious lavender and teal locks that seize the hearts of men! But my SpongeBob pajamas will do if you must know something. Why should I wear a mask? (she then paused for a long time and appeared to be thinking, channeling an unholy spirit or sleeping with her eyes open, I’m not sure which)

LMC: Queen of Shadows? Can we go on? I’ll take your blood curdling glare as a yes. Do you have a catch phrase?

QOS: I must have my Frappe!

LMC: That’s unexpected. I guess even those who walk on the weird side need their caffeine to get through long days of writing, especially during NaNoWriMo. Now, this next question might trigger some feelings or pent up frustrations that I’m not sure I’m equipped or willing to deal with but I’m going to take a risk and ask anyway. Do you have an archnemisis?

QOS: Prince Penguin. Our epic battles of the mind have come close to leveling large cities, and he has always managed to escape me using trickery. Then I go and cry to my son … he will seek justice for me!

LMC: Didn’t see that one coming and still stunned by the fact that you have offspring. Anyway, we’ll be sure to add Prince Penguin to our enemy log right away. Last question for you today, thank goodness. Should literate citizens want to reach you or learn more about your superwriting, how can they do that?

QOS: Only if they dare come hither:  Oh, yes, do join me … (I should divulge that an evil grin spread across her face at this point then she vanished)

LMC: Well, I would say thank you to our bizarre guest but she disappeared without so much as an acknowledgement or a goodbye. Guess she was done. A huge thanks to you, our readers and wonderful supporters, for tuning in once again. If you want to know more about me, you can check out the first post of this series–I interviewed myself, quite well, I must say. And if you would like to be an interview guest on this blog, please leave a comment or send an email to [email protected]. Until next month, remember to keep writing and as I always say, “Up, Up and Cliche!”

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