Superblog#2: Meet Star Phantom

Welcome back fans of female superhero writers!


If this is your first time to visit the League Of Extraordinary Authoresses, have no fear! You can go back to visit the first issue by following the link at the bottom of this post or just start by reading this one. No backstory or prologue really needed. I’m Lady Morse Code and I showcase the members of my League here at Luna Station Quarterly. That pretty much sums it up.

Star PhantomSo, without further delay, let’s meet today’s featured split infinitive slaying femme fatale…

Whose cover name happens to be Cassandra Rose Clarke, but don’t tell her arch nemesis.

That’s one of the rules of the League. No revealing our covers to our enemies.

Now on with the interview!


Lady Morse Code: Welcome to my bountiful balcony lair, Star Phantom. Oh, and don’ t mind the hummingbirds, they won’t attack unless I sing a high C. Which I won’t. But they do occasionally get tangled in long hair, so you might want to ponytail up. Great. That settled, on to superhero business. Tell us about your main superpower.

Star Phantom: I can cross between the different universes that comprise the multiverse. A cool side effect of this is that I can make myself invisible to the people in one universe while still being able to observe what’s happening around me.

LMC: That is amazing, Star! Can I call you Star? Good. Okay, what about a sidekick? Do you have one?

SP: Yes. He’s a sentient black cat who accompanies me on all of my adventures. He used to be a king in another universe (which is represented in our universe by a popular fantasy book series and TV show), but when he died he became a cat in our world. His name is Robert Barcatheon.

LMC: Robert Barcatheon!?! Fascinating and clever! Oh, I wish you had brought him with you today! Although he might have gotten hungry and decided to eat one of my hummers, maybe best that he didn’t come. Could you name drop a bit and tell us who a couple of your female superwriter heroes might be?

SP: Margaret Atwood, also known as The Catbird, and Kelly Link, aka Fusion Lass.

LMC: One of my all-time favorite quotes from The Catbird is “A word after a word after a word is power.” Any mention of power, super or not, gets me going! Words are super powerful. Am I right? Of course, I am. Moving on. Back to you, Star. Tell me about your lair.

SP: Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, my lair is a secret underground cavern filled with soft lighting, espresso steam, and tasteful wooden interiors. I call it the Star Cave. There are entrances everywhere, across all the universes in the multiverse. Plus, it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and I never run out of snacks and caffeine to fuel my missions.

LMC: I hear you about the snacks and caffeine! Don’t get me started about popcorn, almonds and Sparkling Chai Lattes. Do you have any weapons or supergadgets?

SP: All I need to cross dimensions is a trusty Pilot Precise rolling ball pen, with a super-fine point and black ink. The super-fine point allows me to rip holes in the fabric of space-time and cross over in a flash!

LMC: Write me jealous! I’m going to have to get a pen like that! Wow! Okay, well, tell the literate citizens of the world how they can reach you, if in need of your superediting or superwriting skills.

SP: I stole Batman’s Bat-signal from the DC universe and brought it here for this exact purpose! Or, if they are uncomfortable shining a giant ill-gotten bat symbol into the night sky, they can visit my cover identity’s website at, go to the “Bio and Contact” page, and choose their preferred method of contact.

LMC: You stole Batman’s Bat-signal?!? How brilliant and on-the-verge-of-evil of you! Star Phantom, you are full of surprises! Since this is a written blog, not video, we will post your head shot but tell the readers what you’re wearing today. I’m assuming this is your crime fighting costume.

SP: Yes. I’m wearing a black cocktail dress stitched with sparkling jewels to look like the night sky, black boots, black gloves, and a veiled fascinator – to hide my identity.

LMC: Well, of course, there’s no reason to hide your identity from me but I love the look! Sexy and universe-bendingly mysterious. Perfection! Alright, well we’re almost done. One last question. Star, do you have a superwriter catch phrase or symbol?

SP: Whenever I catch a bad guy, I give them a starlight kiss as my calling card.

LMC: What?!!? A starlight kiss. Makes my dots and dashes seem kind of lame. But, this isn’t a competition. And it is my blog, so no reason to get jealous. Right? Right. Well, Star Phantom, it has been a pleasure getting to know you better and introducing you to our LOEA readers. Thank you for coming and happy multiverse travels. Until we meet again…Up, up, and cliché!


If you would like more information about Lady Morse Code, her main cover name is Jody T. Morse and you can visit her site below.

Don’t forget to check out Star Phantom’s cover site, as well…

And if you’d like to become a member of the League of Extraordinary Authoresses and be interviewed by Lady Morse Code, please send her a message through her cover site or email [email protected] with the subject line “League Member Interview”.

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to check back next month when LMC will be interviewing a superhero of speculative fiction prowess with superwriter powers beyond measure. She’s recently compiled and edited an anthology from the in-between, visits her favorite Black Hole on a regular basis and has been a crucial help in getting Lady Morse Code’s fiction-writing butt in gear. That’s all we’re leaking. You’ll have to come back to see us next month to learn who she is.


“Dots and Dashes Unite, Together We Will Write!”


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