Superissue #1: Meet Lady Morse Code!

In a world where superheroes are scarce,

Luna Station Quarterly brings you, the one, the only…

Lady Morse Code!


Hello literate citizens of the world, I am Lady Morse Code. Welcome to my Superblog!

In this blog series of heroic proportions, I’ll be introducing you to the amazing members of my League of Extraordinary Authoresses – one in each illustrious issue. These transmissions could potentially get hijacked by a villain or arch nemesis but the plan is for us to focus on women who write for the liberty and justice of all writers. Only time will tell how well our defenses will hold.

In this initial edition, I’d like to introduce myself, if that’s not too presumptive.

As I will be the interviewer and the interviewee, I will mark the questions I ask with LMC#1 and the answers with LMC#1.5. (I couldn’t seem to label myself #2. Superflaw, I guess.)

On with the interview!

LMC#1: Lady Morse Code, tell me about your names. What is your superhero name and what is the cover name you go by when trying to blend into the milieu?

LMC#1.5: Well, you just addressed me by my superhero name so the question is rather moot. I’m Lady Morse Code, of course. My main covers are Jody T. Morse, Jody Townsley Morse and J.T. Morse but I also answer to Mommy, Macushla (my cover husband’s nickname for me) and Hey Lady In The Red Cowboy Boots.

LMC#1: That’s a lot of cover names. Why so many?

LMC#1.5: Oh, young lady, because I’m so multi-genre. Plus, I’m too much superwriter for just one cover name, so I have given myself many to choose from. All the super-authoresses are doing it these days.

LMC#1: Ah, I see. Thank you for the compliment to my age. Moving on. What are your superpowers?

LMC#1.5: Echo Vision, which entails being able to see annoying echoed words and phrases in other people’s writing, and the power of Multi-Genre Mythos. That’s what we, superwriters call the ability to not allow critics and naysayers to box us in to one genre, M-GM. A power worth invoking, if you can handle it. Honestly, I’m so multi-genre that I’m all over the place!

LMC#1: Yes. I’d definitely agree with that last statement. You are all over the place. Can you find echoes in your own writing as well as in the writings of others?

LMC#1.5: Of course not! That would be something akin to a super-super power. Unheard of!

LMC#1: Sorry to offend, your Superness. I’m guessing you’re not a friend of the self-editing mastermind known as Editina Selforo. How sad for you. Speaking of Editina, she has a lovely sidekick named Proofreading Penny, do you have a sidekick or superpartner?

LMC#1.5: Not yet but I hope to someday. Would you like to audition for the role? I think we’d be great together. Honestly, with my good looks and your writing abilities, we could take over the world.

LMC#1: Um, I don’t think it’s possible to be your own sidekick. Let’s discuss that later and in private. Question number five: who are a few of your female superwriting heroes?

LMC#1.5: Oh, I have so many. Let’s see. There’s the Magical Moss Maven, aka Elizabeth Gilbert; the Divergent Diva, cover name Veronica Roth; and the never-to-go-hungry-again superwriter who publishes as Suzanne Collins.

LMC#1: How funny! I love all of those super-authoresses too! Maybe we’re not so different after all. Tell me about your secret lair, Lady Morse Code.

LMC#1.5: OMC! The Bountiful Balcony is such an amazing place, if I do say so myself! Hidden in the Piney Woods of Texas, the BB is raised over 10 feet in the air and guarded by my flock of totes adorable hummingbirds and flesh-eating foliage.

LMC#1: What is OMC?

LMC#1.5: Oh My Code, of course!

LMC#1: Right. Makes sense. Don’t know how I missed that one. Are hummingbirds scary enough to thwart invaders? And where did you find flesh-eating foliage this time of year?

LMC#1.5: Who said I use the birds to thwart invaders? I just think they’re so cute and they come when I sing for them in a shrill upper register. As for the plants, I bought them online and they really only eat the flesh of flies and mosquitoes. But that’s scary, right?

LMC#1: Well, maybe. Are they, by any chance, Venus fly traps ordered from the educational children’s section of If so, then not scary at all. Sorry.

(LMC#1.5 is unable to speak, due to being overcome by emotion. She closes her eyes, shakes her head, and purses her lips tightly before releasing a supersigh.)

LMC#1: Let’s take a break for a message from our sponsors while Lady Morse Code collects herself. Wait, I just remembered that we have no sponsors. Right. Then I guess were back to the questions. Do you have any special weapons or gadgets you use when fighting the evils of the dreaded Dr. Deadline, the ever-mocking Writers Block or the pesky Procrastination Prankster?

LMC#1.5: Of course! I have a supersonic alarm that tells me when Dr. Deadline is approaching, a laptop disguised as a book about ancient Greece and a Morse Code decoder ring that I found in a cereal box.

LMC#1: Is the alarm just an app on your smart phone, by any chance?

LMC#1.5: Um, yes, it is. But the ringtone is extra super. Wanna hear?

LMC#1: No. No, I don’t. I’m not superimpressed right now. That said, how do the literate citizens of the world reach you when they might be in need of your superservices?

LMC#1.5: They SOS me with a flashlight or write three dots, three dashes then three more dots on a building, paper or any other flat surface. Or, of course, they can always visit my cover site and send me an SOS message there.

LMC#1: Excellent answer, Lady Morse Code! You’ve turned the tides. I enjoyed how you slid that discreet and shameless self-plug into the interview. I would actually deem that move to be supersmart. Good job. Could you describe your superwriter costume for our readers?

LMC#1.5: Yes. I wear a black mask donned with the letters L-M-C, as well as, the dots and dashes for Superhero. Also, I have a pair of black silk PJs, red cowgirl boots, and a red cape covered in black dots and dashes.

LMC#1: Silk PJs?

LMC#1.5: Yes, I find the standard superhero bodysuit-leotard thingy way too constricting and crotch pinching. Plus, I do my most productive writing in my jammies. Seemed like as good of a costume as any. Roll out of bed and straight to writing and/or crime fighting. Oh, did I mention the fake beauty mark I wear over the left side of my lip?

LMC#1: No, no you didn’t. And I wish you wouldn’t have. Yes, folks, now I am shaking my head in shame. Thank goodness we have come to our last question. Do you have a superwriter catch phrase or symbol?

LMC#1.5: Well, the League’s motto is ‘Dots and Dashes Unite, Forever We Will Write’. But my personal signature is leaving a series of random dots and dashes in red permanent marker on evil doer’s foreheads.

LMC#1: Why random? Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if the code spelled out something?

LMC#1.5: No! I don’t want to be a comic book cliche’. How lame and expected! Honestly, who do you think you are interviewing here?

LMC#1: Myself. That’s part of the problem. Well, thank you, Lady Morse Code, for this not-my-best-but-not-my-worst interview ever. I’ll be going back to your subconscious now. Thank you to our readers for reading and, until next time, keep putting your superwriter powers to good use. Up, up and cliche’!

Tune in next time for an adventurous interview with an actual writing superhero who pens under the cover name Cassandra Rose Clarke. Find out what writing superpowers she wields and how she feels about Lycra bodysuits.

If you’d like to join the League of Extraordinary Authoresses, get in touch with Lady Morse Code via her cover site

Thanks for visiting the Luna Station Quarterly and well be back with Superissue #2 soon. I’m sure you’ll be waiting on dots and dashes.


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