The Great Stories

The Great Stories are the ones you have heard and want to hear again. The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably. They don’t deceive you with thrills and trick endings. They don’t surprise you with the unforeseen. They are as familiar as the house you live in. Or the smell of your lover’s skin. You know how they end, yet you listen as though you don’t. In the way that although you know that one day you will die, you live as though you won’t. In the Great Stories you know who lives, who dies, who finds love, who doesn’t. And yet you want to know again. — Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things

It is reassuring as a writer that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time we come to the page. It is reassuring that we can recognize these Great Stories when we read or write them. We can name the works which have stayed with us. And whether we write about aliens, ghosts and demons, pen crime fiction or high fantasy, we are the creators of Great Stories. We seek these tales in the fantastic corners of our vision, the hidden shadows in tea cups, the glint off a mirror. We speculate to discover truth, question the familiar and carve a place for ourselves as female writers.

Keep writing your Great Stories.

For what is speculative fiction but words spun together to dig into the unfamiliar and make it our home?