The Woo Woo Factor: Part 2

[Editor’s note: see Part 1 of this two-part series yesterday.]

Over the course of those two years I watched this man’s star shoot higher, shine brighter. It seemed like everything he touched, with every acting job, his popularity went even higher. This made it much harder for me to find an avenue to delivery Freddy’s book. I might have decided to follow this through, but I was not happy about it. As months passed, my frustration grew. But along the way I was having another new experience, a sudden insight about him came to me. Just freek’n great! More things to share with him. I was making a list. How would this ever play out? With each new insight I would think, “Well this is it, this is the real reason for this journey.” I had long since thought that there was far more going on here than a little book finding a new owner.

I had grown sick of following his Twitter account, which seemed to be no more than female fans objectifying him relentlessly. What I would have gotten from Teen Beat and Tiger Magazine when I followed Davey Jones as a girl, but bigger, bolder, uglier. Fandom on steroids. I hated it. I was not a fan girl and would never act this way towards anyone. Let alone someone I do not know. It was painful for me to immerse myself into a world I wanted nothing to do with.

I had tried the direct approach. A DM to his Twitter account. But sadly, no reply back.

Oddly I received no other trinkets to share. No new energy circled into my life. The Universe was making it clear just how important this trinket and the added insights were to this man.

There had to be more than a sweet little book, more than the insights that gathered themselves to me as I went along. More of something, but what?

It was during my daily meditation that I started to ask for help from the Universe. Maybe find inspiration, or a direction to go. There had to be an answer out there. Perhaps my subconscious, and the spirits that helped me, could bring forward a solution. Damn, I sure was not prepared for the help that showed up.

About thirty minutes into one meditation I became aware of two people standing at the foot of my bed. Spirits I did not know. A man and woman radiated the most exquisite energy. I immediately liked both of them, and I knew they were the actor’s parents.

Their energy was so lovely and peaceful. Warm and encompassing. I just wanted to soak it up. The light they brought into the room was inviting and radiated into every corner of my body.

His dad is a big man, tall, very strong and forthright. I didn’t hear him speak but felt his worlds vibrate inside of me. Dad makes me smile, even now; when I think of him I am filled with the memory of that energy and it is wonderful! I would never want to go up against him in a debate or get on his wrong side but this was about his son, his baby boy. Only the most incredible love radiated from him.

“I love this boy fiercely,” he began. “I am always with him. Tell him everything is alright.”

Behind his dad stood his mum. Smaller than dad, with the most lovely eyes. Her son has his eyes. Her energy was gentle and soft, less intense than dad’s, but the wave of love I felt from her for her son was like nothing I have ever felt before. It was so wonderful to experience the love both of them had for this man. Here stood two people who do not see him as a celebrity or an actor, just simply their son. This visit only lasted a few seconds and they vanished. All that incredible energy was now gone but the love they had for their boy hung around. It can bring me to tears even today, more than a year and half down the road.

As wonderful as their visit was, I still had no clear idea how to get the book and now this message to him. But I felt certain that it would happen in its own appointed time.

I knew this was it, this was the reason for the book, for the other insights. This was the real gift. Everything else was just part of the journey. I had no doubt I would have to share it with him, no matter how weird it might sound. I had never been nervous before but this was different. I was not on sure footing any longer.

After his parents’ visit I tried once more to make contact through a DM. To my amazement almost immediately I received a reply back from him, giving me instructions on how to get the book to him. Sending it to his manager, of all people. The same person I had started with way back in the beginning.

I sent the book off with a letter, and the hope that I didn’t come across as creepy. After all, this was not the kind of thing someone gets every day in the post. I felt that his parents will make sure the message of their love is received the way they meant it to be. How he thought about me was not a concern.

I have never heard from him. I have no idea when or if he got the package or how he accepted the gifts and letter. I just sat back and waited for some sign. Over the course of several weeks he tweeted photos of both his mother and father and shared some touching moments. So even if the package never found him, it looks like the message did. I feel privileged, as I always do, that I was allowed to share in such a gift. I hope this actor, this celebrity, this man receives all the blessings he needs and contentment in life he can hold. I know I will always keep track of him. I know I will perk up whenever I hear his name mentioned. I wish him well.

Since the Woo Woo factor has always been part of my life, I’ve learned to just accept the gifts I am given, being a caretaker of sorts. When I decided that I will honor any such Woo Woo inspiration by doing what I felt it led to do, I gave up being worried about it. Even, as I have learned, when the Trinket belongs to a celebrity.

When I made my way back to my car that August morning last summer, all the swings on the playground were still. Heavy with the thick air of deep August, I smiled knowing the little occupant I saw earlier had moved on, perhaps called in for a celestial breakfast. The swing sat completely still. The Woo Woo factor — we all experience it. Some are open for more. Tell me about your Woo Woo factor. I would love to hear your stories.

With love and light,
Anna O’Keefe