The Year of the Reader

Writers and readers go hand in hand, we need each other. One of the most important pieces of writing advice, for those looking to improve their writing, is to read as much as possible. I also happen to think reading is one of the best things you can do with your time, and I’m not alone.

This is why I’m focusing this year on reading more books than I have in the past couple years put together. I’m not alone, either. I put the word out to the staff of LSQ, to see what their reading goals for the year were going to be. I’d like to share them with you now to inspire you to go out there and find your next favorite book.

For myself, I’ve set a goal of reading 12 books this year over on A modest goal and one I hope to pass easily. Additionally, I’m not planning in advance or reading things that are on ‘must read’ lists, but instead letting books come to me organically.

Carrie Naughton is doing the Worlds Without End ‘Clear Your Reader’ Challenge and goodreads (going for 75 books this year).  She’s also thinking about doing an audiobook challenge of some sort. (You can find loads of great genre reading challenges on WWE)

Tara Calaby is doing her usual Goodreads challenge – 100 again this year. She didn’t hit her target last year, for the first time, so hopefully uni won’t interfere as much this time. (You can find her here on goodreads for anyone who is as addicted as she is and wants to add her)

E. Young is on a quest of early feminist literature, and I’m sure we’d all love to see the book list at the end of the year.

Danielle Perry echoes most of us, with no reading goal other than to fit in as many books as possible. Granted, she read 75 last year, so she’s no slouch!

Sara Lundberg does the goodreads challenge as well, taking on 65 books. She shares my challenge of reading for pleasure in balance with editorial reading.

And Rebecca Buchanan has a great goal: finish reading her 80 unread books before she buys any more. I wish her luck.

I’d love to hear about your reading goals for the year! Go ahead and comment below. If you’re looking for something to read, you can find all the books the staff has reviewed on our goodreads page, too.