This Is Not An Agent Carter Review

This is not an Agent Carter review. Nope.

This is an Agent Carter celebration in honor of my favorite Marvel show getting  a second season. *mad applause* *happy dancing* *screeching noises*

I first saw Peggy Carter in Captain America and it was fangirly adoration at first sight. Strong (as in physically—how she slugged that dude was so awesome), resourceful, and just so lovely, she was the Marvel heroine I didn’t know I needed. Her arc is one of the best things to happen to Steve Rogers, too—my (surprise!) favorite Avenger. I had no idea I’d love Evans’ Captain America as much as I have, and Atwell’s resilient and loyal Peggy Carter has a lot to do with how his character develops as it does—not in some oblique, plot-device way, but because Peggy changes Steve’s life fundamentally (and for the better) with her bravery and strength.

Then, I saw the Marvel Agent Carter one-shot. Holy mackerel. *____*  I don’t know that it could have been any more perfect. Stylishly shot with wonderful action scenes and such presence from Atwell, it made me want so much more—and apparently, I wasn’t the only one.


Enter the Agent Carter series. Ya’ll, I could squee about this show for hours. Suffice to say, it is crazy-good fun and if you’ve not watched it, you’re missing out. The show is action-packed, as well it should be—but with lively, complex and sympathetic characters, seamless storytelling and pacing, and exquisite actor chemistry. Carter’s and Jarvis’s relationship is one of my favorite things on television—a true platonic partnership with delicious banter and, as we see in the rest of the show, laced with a mix of lightheartedness and storytelling with gravitas. There is a lot at stake in Agent Carter, but it doesn’t live in the grimdark. It lets the fun in along with a lot of style (THAT COSTUMING OMG). The season ended with me breathless, dazzled and–yet again–wanting more. Though I felt like the series ended on a passable stopping place, I couldn’t help but feel there was so much more to be done with this character and all of those around her.


Now, after much media back-and-forth and breath-held waiting on fans’ part, it’s been announced that AGENT CARTER WILL HAVE A SEASON TWO AWWWWWWWW YISSSSS WOOO-HOOOOO! *ahem*

People, this  is a big good thing—so many awesome women characters, Peggy the red-hat goddess chief among them, not to mention awesome dude characters,  pacy storytelling, exquisite sets and costuming and music, and a damn good time—and MORE OF IT ALL! Any other Agent Carter fans out there as happy about this as I am? I’d love to hear in the comments.