This is our time…

winter.jpgIt’s that time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere…Winter.

I know that astronomical winter, the official season of ice and silence, does not begin until the solstice, but meteorological winter is upon us and with it, the hustle and bustle of the commercial holiday season bearing down like a storm of dollars and sale-ads.

Now, if you’re reading this blog, I’ll assume you are a reader generally. If it’s cold outside, or if it’s too hot to do anything else way down south, or if you’re just tired of the go-go-go, I have something to say: folks, this is OUR time.

Though the light shrinks away and sunshine at its strongest feels like a perpetual 3 p.m. diminishing slant, though the nights are long and shivery-cold, the natural world thrives. Underneath the snow and dead grass, roots are stirring. Just like how underneath the trappings of shopping and furious-paced baking and crafting and scrambling to make it to friends and family gatherings, there is a core of blessed winter silence.

Readers, we can use this for a Greater Good. All of these glorious seasonal book sales, like LSQ’s own Cyber-Monday sale, all the gift-cards from people who know your habits well, all the cranky weather keeping us inside…this is an invitation from the universe to slowwwwww down, grab a good book or comic or click on your favorite e-journals. To pause in the world’s resting time, procure a mug of something lovely and warm (tea, Earl Grey, hot; chocolate and coffee, genmai-cha, chamomile, espresso, mulled cider–what’s your poison?), and then to settle in and READ.

And for ya’ll basking in the summer heat past the Equator’s auspices, isn’t reading a wonderful way to stay cool yet keep ticking and alert and creatively alive? Maybe pour yourself a nice, chilled lemonade or herb-infused water or sweet tea and kick back in the shade, take a breather, read about the Arctic cold and Northern Lights and imagine the clean, icy wind in your hair…

What do you do to slow down during the holidays? Or do you even try? I’d love to hear your ideas for harnessing the silence and restfulness of the very cold or very hot times of year, and for making your celebrations less stressful. Happy holidays to all, and may your world be always full of light, laughter, love, and really good reading!