“Tloque Nahuaque” by Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas

Before we leave the land of Cthulhu for a while, somewhat ironically I must confess to a new obsession. Gosh, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I weren’t spreading it.

Picking up on more female weird fiction writers, I am enamored with the writings of Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas.

It’s a small pool, sure, and most of it in Spanish–if you’re like me and your Spanish is “good enough”, you can check out her bibliography here–but everything I’ve gotten my grubby hands on is pretty much all I need in my literary life.

As I dug into “Tloque Nahuaque”, I had to ask myself: what is it? What’s the attraction? The writing is profoundly FL-cover_front-208x300impactful and yet…quiet. This story is so quiet and subtle, lacking all the madness-induced shrieks and gore we can associate with this genre (guilty!). Yes, that horrific subtlety that I personally find hard to master. It is the very definition of creepy. What has likewise impressed me is the winding of native folklore with Cthulhu prose. Outer Gods by any other name, right? I wish more authors toyed around with the regional aspects (or if you really think about it, syncretism) of Lovecraftian horror that have always been present, rather than throwing things up on the shores of New England, but I digress…

There is so much horror to digest in this story, punctuated with several “holy bleep” moments. And that ending? Absolutely chilling. I want to take these PDFs and fling them at people on the streets. I want to be these stories when I grow up. Did I mention I’m obsessed? Infect yourself here and if you like that consider purchasing the Future Lovecraft anthology!