Trust yourself, love yourself, and start a conversation.

It is already November, writers! As always, it seems that the years has both flown by and crept along. Perhaps you are working on the challenge of NaNoWriMo this month and are pushing yourself to write great and wonderful things. Or perhaps you, like me, are looking for creativity in other ways—by taking a pause from your writing, revising, and enjoying the long evenings and rapidly cooling skies. 

Whatever you are doing, writers, know that this will be a month to flourish and learn new things, especially when it comes to your relationships with other writers. 

A general card for writers right nowThree of Pentacles

To start with, we have the Three of Pentacles. This card is for general advice, and it shows that collaboration and teamwork is the way to go right now. The Three of Pentacles shows a young craftsperson at work with tools on a great project. Plans are laid out in from of them, plans that are bold and ambitious and beautiful. The architects of those plans stand nearby, and all the figures are in dialogue. 

This card is here to remind us that great things can be accomplished when we work together. The Three of Pentacles is a card for planning and cooperation. It is for working with others and joining forces to defeat evil… or at least to write a great story. The Three of Pentacles is a positive card. This card says that as a writer, you are not alone. 

This card may represent the community surrounding you. There are many other powerful writers out there, as well as those who have come before you. There is so much advice and learning to be done. You may find yourself looking for guidance this month—if that is the case, do not hesitate to reach out to those around you who are a few steps ahead. Read craft books to learn new techniques and ways to use them. Share your journey with others, because just as you may need to the help and support of others, so too may someone turn to you. 

The Three of Pentacles says that you are still learning, no matter where in your journey you are. This month, seek out opportunities to learn and grow. Do not just rely on yourself and your intuition. Reach out to others or do research. Get a support system in place. If you work together, you will do amazing things. 

A card for your plotQueen of Cups

When it comes to your plot, we have the Queen of Cups. This is a beautiful and resplendent card. Queens are always figures of power and mastery, and this card is no different. The Queen of Cups shows a beautiful figure seated on a throne. She is introspective, and she sits at the edge of a sea, holding symbols of richness and intuition. She is thoughtful and calm, and she has all the hallmarks of the dreaming world in front of her. 

This month, the Queen of Cups is here to show that when it comes to your plot, you are in a position of power. You have everything you need at your fingertips at long as you trust yourself and your intuition. This is a figure who is in control and trusts herself. As you write this month, allow yourself to follow your intuition. If you have a feeling about a character, follow it. This may take you to some strange places, but they will be powerful ones. 

The Queen of Cups is a very interior figure as well. She is powerful, but her wisdom is focused inward. Her strongest power is over the realm of interior thoughts, dreams, and the soul. She represents mastery of interior thought and emotions. When it comes to your plot this month, do not forget that sometimes subtle changes are just as important as the big ones. Do not let your plot carry you away so that it is one explosive moment after the next. Allow your characters some time to rest. Consider the emotional journey they are on as well. You are in control of that, and by developing this kind of journey, you will not be overwhelmed. 

A card for your charactersSix of Swords (reversed)

The Six of Swords has come up with regard to your characters. This is a card that has appeared in these readings before. The card shows a pair of characters in a small boat, traveling across a body of water. Behind them, the water is dark and turbulent, and ahead it is tranquil. The six swords that figure in this image are weighty, suggesting the fact that the past, and memories of past experiences, may still bother us.

This month, the Six of Swords reminds you to trust in the journey that your characters are on. It may seem difficult and unclear at times. As a writer, you may not know exactly where your characters are going or how they will get there. The Six of Swords shows us that the journey is hard. Sometimes this journey may feel hopeless. As the card is reversed, it shows that the difficulties that you may be facing with regard to plot are internal, and that you need to face them. Your own doubts and insecurities may be making things difficult for you right now. Perhaps you doubt that you have made the right choices with your characters, or even that you are not able to create the types of characters and story that you dream of. 

Until the journey is done, it may be difficult to see hope in the situation that you are in, but you must hope. The Six of Swords is a reminder that all journeys mean leave difficult situations behind and moving toward the light. Brighter days are coming, as long as you keep going. 

A card for unforeseen circumstancesEight of Wands

When it comes to unforeseen circumstances, we have the Eight of Wands. This is a powerful card, though more abstract than others in its symbolism. It shows eight wands flying through the air, accompanied by bright-winged birds and swift winds. This card has a connection to travel, movement, and change. 

This month, you should expect that things will change, and change fast. There may be travel in your future, or changes so swift and complete that they feel like you have entered a whole new world. Your story may change swiftly, and become something you never expected, or you may have the opportunity to go somewhere new. 

Change can feel scary at times. Shaking up the usual and ordinary can be a terrifying thing. But no matter what, the Eight of Wands also signifies brighter days to come. Around the flying wands is a bright sky and beautiful landscape. You are traveling through a wonderful place this month, writer, and you will land well. Don’t fear the change—it will bring good things your way.

A card for the wider worldThe Lovers (reversed)

Finally, we have a card for the wider world. This is the Lovers, a classic card symbolizing coming together, creation and fertility, the union of two creatures who can make something beautiful together. The Lovers is a card of desire and connection, and it shows us that there is power in coming together and creating something new. 

But this month the card is reversed. This means that there may be a sense of disconnection in your life, or that your realizations and unions are internal, quiet things. You may be feeling alone or set apart from others this month. You may feel that your work as a writer is unrecognized and unloved, or that something is not quite good enough. Just as the Lovers can symbolize love and desire and connection, so can they symbolize the opposite—distance, anger, and loneliness. 

Do not let this negativity bring you down. It is natural to have times in our lives when we feel out of step with the world, or even our own desires. Try to restrain your urge to judge others and take a step back. Use the disconnection in your life to help you discover the edges of yourself and center yourself against any oncoming storms. The wider world may be trying to separate us and tear us apart, but as long as we hold true to the truth of ourselves, we will always find connections once again. Love yourself, and your will find a community along the way.


Ann Langley writes speculative fiction and wild poetry, and can be found on ig @aelangley. She used the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Deck for this reading, which can be found here.