Weekly Wrap-Up – 10.11.14

After a week off, I’m back with your recap (which you can get via email!) of the great stuff I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you this week.

I’ll briefly recap the posts from last week as well, because there were no slouches in the batch!

So, last week, Cathrin Hagey explored the long tradition of the ‘wood wife’ in fairy tales and Salena Casha reviewed Mary Robinette Kowal’s “Shades of Milk and Honey”. We had a short story review from Kim Killian, who took us back in time to Joanna Russ’s “When it Changed”, and Tory Hoke examined male voice actors cast in female roles in “Drawn in Drag“.

This week Carol Holland March asked writers “Is Planning Creative?“, Katherine Tomlinson reviewed the crime story collection “Family Matters”, and KC Maguire interviewed YA and New Adult author Deborah Halverson. Rebecca Buchanan gave us a preview of “The Eye of Odin“, and Chloe N. Clark continued her fascinating academic exploration of fan culture with “S1/E4: ‘Who, Pt. 2‘”.

I want to close out by announcing our newest featured story! I invite you to come and enjoy the unique story “The Stone Children” by Shannon Norland.

Have a great weekend!