Weekly Wrap-Up – 11.2.14

Be on the lookout Tuesday. There will be a very interesting (and exciting, for me) blog post that day. So fun having secrets that I can’t wait to share!

The secret project has been keeping me very busy, but I hope you all have had a relaxing and fun weekend. In case you’d like to chill out on a Sunday evening with some interesting reading, here’s a recap of last week’s posts:

Tammy Garrison was “Preaching to the Choir (or not)” in her most recent post on comics and libraries.

New blogger, T.D. Walker brought us her essay “In Praise of Bright Futures: Balancing optimism for and criticism of human advancement“, a great breakdown on dystopias versus a more positive take on possible futures.

In “There’s Room at the Table“, A.E. Ash (also new to the staff) talked about her own experiences, both as a child and adult, playing table top games.

And Sara Lundberg, who is helping out with some special projects, reminded us all that “November is National Novel Writing Month“. Sara is a municipal liaison, and I found her insights into tackling that month-long challenge very interesting.

Ok, dear readers, I’ve still got plenty to go on the secret project (the first of a few. yay!) so I’ll let you go enjoy those posts! Have a great week!