Weekly Wrap-Up – 7.20.14

Good morning, or good afternoon, or even good evening!

Whenever you read this, I hope it means you’re taking some time to enjoy reading a few interesting things. Fortunately, I’ve got just the thing!

We had another great batch of columns for you. Here’s a summary of last week’s posts:

Elisabeth Sharp McKetta gave us some great information on “Beginning with the Mythic Cycle” in memoir writing, along with a prompt.

Katherine Tomlinson reviewed “Pushing Up Daisies” by Rosemary Harris and gave us some thoughts on her experience with free ebooks.

In “The Naming of the DwarvesGabrielle Lissauer shows us how definitions many of us take for granted can sometimes clash with those outside genre fiction and lays the foundation for her series.

The world lost an amazing human being when Maya Angelou passed away recently. Miller MacInnes Bradford gives us a foothold on who is picking up the torch to carry on in “For Those Without Maya Angelou“.

Our book review this week was a YA sci-fi book featuring parallel worlds and an interesting premise. “3:59” by Gretchen McNeil was reviewed by KC Maguire.

Last, but not least, Icy Sedgwick kicked off her Monsters and Madmen series with “Horror 101” , including a description of the three main categories of horror. Come let her know which kind gives you the most shivers.

Keep an eye out for more great essays and reviews coming up this week! Enjoy what we’re doing? Please spread the word!