Weekly Wrap-Up – 7.27.14

I hope anyone who made it to San Diego for Comic Con this weekend is having a great time. For myself, I’ve been home catching up on my Camp NaNoWriMo word count  and having my own armchair comic con with the stack of comics I bought this week.

If you missed any posts this week, I’m also here to give you a quick overview. I’m lucky enough to get to read these as they come in and highly recommend them all:

Judith Field started us off with a lovely essay about driving the M1 with her writer father in “Driven to Write“.

Tuesday brought us Tara Lindsey’s lovely thoughts on poetry, spirituality and listening in “The Vastest Things Are Those We May Not Learn…“.

Tooting Your Own Horn From Alabama in the Middle of the Night, and Other Words of Wisdom for Women in IT” is the first part of an intriguing interview with Cathy Amis Griffith, author Sara Amis‘s sister who got her start in IT in the 70s. Great fun and part two posts next month!

We wrapped up the week with two great reviews. Jan Stinchcomb told us about “Mermaid in Chelsea Creek” by Michelle Tea, and Kim Killian covered Seanan McGuire’s “Each to Each” from Lightspeed Magazine’s “Women Destroy Science Fiction” issue.

I hope you enjoy all of these great posts and come back tomorrow for all new columns and more.