Weekly Wrap-Up – 8.10.14

In this week’s posts, our authors started building on the intros they gave us last month.

Carol Holland March’sIt Came to Me in a Flash of Light” explored the Muse and what it means to do useful work while waiting for her to show up.

Our EIC, Jennifer Lyn Parsons explained that “Comic books are a medium, not a genre, and that is awesome” and dug into the various stories that can be told through comic books and grapic novels.

In “Mothering the Monster: Mary ShelleySara Amis gave us a bit of science fiction history and insights into the woman who birthed the genre.

Kim Killian reviewed “Dance of the White Demon by Sabrina Vourvoulias” and made our to-read piles grow by a few more inches.

In “Speculative Starts and Beginning in the Midst of Things” T.v.E.Day gave us some hints on how to fit just the right amount of worldbuilding at the beginning of a story.

And we wrapped up the week with Chloe N. Clark’s continuing exploration of fan culture with “S1/E2: ‘Know Your Terms’“.

Enjoy these along with the rest of your weekend!