Weekly Wrap-Up – 8.24.14

Time for another weekly wrap-up. This week really flew by for me, how about you?

If you’re looking for something to read today, I have a few recommendations.

Judith Field takes us on her unique personal writing journey with “How I Started to Write“.

KC Maguire gives us a review of A.M. Jenkins’s “Night Road“, which gives me hope for the future of vampire stories.

In “Filling Your Well“, Sandra Wickham reminds us all of the value of stepping away when we get stuck.

We wrapped up Sara Amis’s the immensely enjoyable interview with Cathy Amis Griffith about her experiences in IT in “Hardware, Software, and ‘Magic’: Women in IT“.

Poet and photographer Tara Lindsey took us “Poemstalking“, giving us fun new meaning to “chasing the Muse”.

We finished off the week with Gabrielle Lissauer’s ongoing series, deepening our understanding of fantasy literature. In “Fantasy Expanded” she focuses on the various subgenres.

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