Weekly Wrap-Up – 8.30.14

For those of you in the States, hope you’re having a lovely Labor Day weekend! For everyone else, Happy Saturday!

I’m just dropping in to give you all something to read while you’re winding down from your busy week.

We started off this week with Jan Stinchcomb’s review of the intriguing new fairy tale anthology, “Black Apples“.

Next, Miller Bradford gave us some insights into the writing of “Chelsea Hodson and Measuring Literary Success“.

Tammy Garrison got us a bit fired up about literature and how it’s taught in schools in her “A Note on ‘literature’ from your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian“.

We had a visit from Maid Marion herself in Danielle E. Shipley’sA Merry [Wo]man’s Guide to Writing Female Characters“.

And our week wrapped up with KC Maguire’s measured assessment of whether “To Sequel or Not to Sequel? Pet Peeves About Prolonging the Story“.

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